Best Sports Games 2020 for Xbox One, PS4, And Nintendo Switch

Best Sports Games 2020 for Xbox One, PS4, And Nintendo Switch

Best Sports Games 2020: It’s officially the holidays and that means it’s time to start spending your money on gifts for other people.

If you are surrounded by sports-loving players, there is no need to stress over what to give them.

Most sports games are cross-platform and this year there are more than many sports games on multiple platforms for you to choose from (or strongly suggest to someone else). Here are Best Sports Games 2020 Free for Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

Best sports games 2020

  • FIFA 18

The FIFA is one of the greatest games in the world. It combines fun gameplay with great graphics and tons of content. Players have a variety of modes to choose, if they like a good story, they can play the trip.

The trip is one single player guided narrative experience where players follow Alex Hunter, a promising football player trying to make a name for himself in the football world.

If they prefer to play outside of a somewhat linear story and want to build their own team of players, they will love the fan favorite Ultimate team.

Ultimate Team is a great mode that lets you build your own team with real players with their real stats. They can take their team to line and challenge other teams or play cooperatively with their friends. There is something for everyone at FIFA!

If they have a Nintendo Switch, FIFA has a competent counterpart on the hybrid portable console. Although he doesn’t have the trip he has the ultimate team and is an experience sufficient enough to add to your Switch library.

  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

If the soccer fan in your life is more interested in a soccer game experience high quality, PES 2019 is the way to go. PES 2018 offers unparalleled gameplay and is the favorite game of many hardcore football fans in terms of responsiveness and engagement of mechanics.

It lacks in the content department compared to FIFA 19 , but if you only play one mode, you can play PES 2019 at the place.

  • The NBA 2K Series

The NBA 2K series is one of the best-selling franchises and is acclaimed by the critical. It is the only basketball game that exists today and it is one of the best sports games.

NBA 2K18 combines both great gameplay with tons of content like story mode, competitive online matches, and more.

  • Madden NFL 18

We’re in the prime of the NFL season right now and around Christmas time, we’ll be a few weeks away from the Super Bowl. If you know someone who is passionate about soccer every Sunday, Madden NFL 18 is the game you go want to get.

With an all-new single-player campaign called Longshot, some terrific additions to the game line in the form of MUT teams, and great graphics, madden 18 is the experience ultimate football.

Longshot follows former high school athlete Devin Wade tempting to make his way in the life of football, but he lost his touch. Wade must overcome many obstacles through this deeply personal story and emotional that has been praised by critics all year round.

Fans will also enjoy the team heavy online mode, MUT Squads. Mode 3v 3 enables fun cooperative gameplay that makes players feel like they are work as a team through proper communication and games.

  • 5. MLB The Show 17

The baseball season may have just ended but it also means that the most new MLB The Show game is super cheap! MLB show 17 can be a slightly updated version of 16, but it’s a simple, inexpensive, and ideal gift.

Not to mention, MLB the show is just a high quality baseball simulator filled thrills.


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