Download Fortnite Apk Mod Android Free V20.00.0

Download Fortnite Apk

Have you been searching for the fornite apk mod download? Anyway, must have known before now that Epic Games are known to be created with Unreal engine which are used in many games.

In other words, they created their own Battle Royal mode with their own engine. Fortnite APK MOD is finally available on Android. The big question is how to download fortnite mod apk android !

Download Fortnite APK on Android Devices Version 20.00.0 for 2020

The question most of you probably want to know is, is Fortnite APK a good thing?

The real difference we discovered is that the other Battle Royale games are more focused on raw atmosphere together with a sense of realism, but this game has a more casual approach and works great and it’s a lot of fun.

I love the style of cartography the game has, it’s colorful and relaxing. Very easy to download fortnite mod apk android

Now even though the game visuals are a bit more childish it still looks awesome, the art, all the animation is beautiful.

I think Fortnite MOD APK could be one of the best performing Battle Royale games I have ever played.

Not just because you can play at the highest settings and still get good FPS, but the servers and gameplay are smooth.

The Gameplay and Features

The gameplay is very similar to any Battle Royale game, basically be the last one to survive, but there is one feature that really stands out in this one.

You can collect resources such as wood to build things. You can build a bridge, make a ramp, you can even destroy what you have done or modify it, and for this reason, everything on the map is accessible.

If you want you can take a whole house to collect the cars, trees around, resources, everything on the map is almost done so that you can damage them all.

The game is so encouraging that you will get plenty of resources at the end of the game.

Most people like to create barricades and forts for cover, but you can easily destroy their structures if you have the right weapons.

One thing I enjoy about this game is the platform aspect where you can jump and move to wherever you want. This makes you feel good and there are other features on the map like tires and traps that you can use to get your enemies in a way they never expected.

There are enough weapons in the game to create some very interesting fights and combinations. And with the latest damage changes, I think they’ve managed to balance things out well.

Weapons, like any other item in the game, have a color to describe their rarity. Meanwhile, the orange items are the most difficult to locate which are usually associated with high-end weapons like rocket launchers and sniper refiles.

These weapons and items can be loot on anywhere on the map and also discover ammo crates and chests which usually drop a bunch of random items. In my own thinking, I feel their many features yet to be unveiled because new items are added every month.

What’s in the MOD APK:

  • Requires Android: 5.0 and Up
  • Version: 20.00.0

Download Fortnite Apk mod: Install MOD APK and play on any x64 device.


If you not played the fortnite apk, then you should agree with me that you have been missing a lot. So go ahead to download but don’t forget to share with your friends online.

Kindly drop your comment in the box below to let us know what you think. Thanks.

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