Download Free Full Pc Games for Windows 8

Download Free Full Pc Games for Windows 8

Here are some of the best games for windows 8, 8.1, so download free pc games for windows 8.

In case you have a tablet or hybrid device with windows 8 or 8.1 that you want to use for fun? Or you want to try out games first without paying for them, just to get a feel for what’s available in the windows store?

Congratulations, the windows store has free and commercial games, some of which are of great quality.

To get started, we would like to bring you 7 free games that you can play today on your windows 8.1 device.

These are diverse titles that span multiple genres, from racing to plat forming and sports. Also, keep in mind that most of these games have paid features.

Therefore, if you want to experience all that they have to offer, you will need to make in-app purchases. Here are top games for windows 8 without Microsoft account for free on tech games.

Download Free Full Pc Games for Windows 8

  • Asphalt 8: airborne

Asphalt 8: airborne, probably the biggest game in terms of storage space required from the windows store. Besides, it is one of the best arcade racing games for windows 8.1.

You can compete with any of the 47 luxury high performance dream cars like lamborghini veneno, bugatti veyron or ferrari fxx.

The 8th generation of this game introduced nine different new exotic locations like venice, french guiana and the nevada desert, along with two game modes: infected and drift gate.

The controls are very precise and you will have fun playing. Just like many other free games on the windows store, this one comes with paid features as well.

  • Despicable me: minion rush

Despicable me: minion rush is inspired by the movie of the same name. Play as a minion and compete against other players in hilarious challenges: jump, fly, dodge obstacles, collect bananas and defeat baddies to win the title of “minion of the year!”

Pass through iconic locations like gru’s lab or el macho’s lair, which are full of surprises, secrets, and challenging obstacles. You can customize your minion with unique costumes, weapons, and power-ups.

Download: despicable me: minion rush

  • Hill climb racing

Hill climb racing is one of the most addicting and entertaining driving games. As they say, the character of newton bill will not rest until he has conquered the highest hills on the moon.

You have to help him go through the unique climbing environments with many different cars, get bonus daring tricks and collect coins to improve your car and reach even higher distances.

Download: hill climb

  •  The real car experience – gt racing 2

Gt racing 2: the real car experience is probably the most realistic racing game on windows store.

This game will make you drive 67 cars on 13 tracks for you to complete 1400 events. You can also run however you like by choosing from 4 different cameras including the interior view.

This game has a multiplayer mode which allows you to compete with your friends or with players from all over the world. You can also join a team to play with others to achieve common goals. Gt racing 2: the real car experience also includes in-app purchases for different items.

Download: gt racing 2: the real car

  • Zombie tsunami

Free pc games download for windows 8: zombie tsunami is a very addicting game. You have to control the zombies so that they can eat as many people as possible on the streets.

Flip cars, buses, tanks, and planes to eat the survivors inside. Complete 300 different missions at 9 locations around the world, collect 8 power ups and bonuses to run further and destroy more.

This game has all kinds of paid upgrades that you can purchase to improve your gaming experience.

Do you recommend other free games?

These are just a few games that you can play for free on your windows 8.1 devices, but there are many more in the windows store.

If you know of any other cool games, feel free to share them using the comments form below.

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